Drishti Ocular Prosthetic Center!

Drishti Ocular Prosthetics Centre is one of most advanced and hi-tech custom made artificial eye centre in Kanpur (U.P). Drishti Ocular Prosthetics Centre plays a significant role in building up confidence in patients whose eyes are surgically removed. As one of the very few such facilities in India, this state-of-the-art centre attracts patients from all over the country. At a nominal charges, the centre offers custom made near natural looking eyes; giving the patients the self esteem and confidence that may need to get on with their lives. We make artificial eye,Look like natural eye.

Ocular prosthesis or natural eyes are prosthetic devices used to simulate a natural eye. An ocular prosthesis does not restore lost vision. The primary purpose of an ocular prosthesis is to maintain the volume of the eye socket and to restore appearance to that of a natural eye. Aperson in need of an ocular prosthesis may have a small eye known as microphthlmia or have a damaged eye or have lost an eye due to tumor, trauma or a congenital birth anomaly.

An Ocularist is previously played a large part in creating and fitting prosthetic appliances. It is appropriate that the individuals having the knowledge of the proper care and management of these devices take the lead in this area of specialized patient care.

The objective of fitting an ocular prosthesis:
» To maintain shape and the movement of the eyelid & for cosmetic purpose.
» To prevent accumulation of fluid in the cavity and to direct secretions to proper channels.
» To prevent eyelids and lashes from turning in.
» To retain the tone of facial muscles and to prevent alteration of features.
» To prevent foreign bodies from entering the ocular cavity.