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Artificial Eye (Reform Eye) :
The artificial eye(reform eye) is a curved disc of plastics having a centre thickness of 2mm or greater. It replaces an eye removed either by enucleation (removal of eye), evisceration (removal of the contents of the globe) or exenteration (removal of the contents of the orbit necessitating reconstructive procedures). It is fitted to replace the lost volume of the socket and to restore natural appearance and movement. It is fitted after enucleation of the anterior
segment or ocular evisceration. It is made by ophthalmic grade plastic (PMMA) which is an inert material and very well tolerated by the surrounding eye tissues.
Cosmetic Shell :
Cosmetic shell is case of disfigured eye only, if there is no danger to the patient In the retention of the sightless eye. It is extensively used after evisceration. It is made of acrylic and it is lighter and thinner than the artificial eye. They are moulded & hands painted and are routinely manufactured in acrylic to less than 1mm thickness. They can be made with optical corrections, clear pupils and as a solution to ptosis. More commonly, they are fitted to microphthalmic or phthisis(wasted eyes).
There are two types of cosmetic shells;
1. Cosmetic Shell with transparent sclera.

This is used in the absence of iris pigmentation when the sclera portion of the eye is not damaged and only the iris is disfigured.
2. Cosmetic shell with opaque sclera.

This is used after evisceration when the sclera portion is damaged along With the iris portion.

Scleral Shells :
A scleral shell is an ocular prosthesis that is worn over an existing eye. Typically, one who is a candidate for a scleral shell has a blind phthisical eye. The shell fits like a large contact lens, covering the whole front surface of the eye globe. It moves along with the existing eye and is fit so that the eyelid opening are symmetrical. The process of making a scleral shell is very similar to the making of an artificial eye, with a few extra steps to ensure comfort over the existing cornea.

Orbital Prosthesis :
Orbital prosthesis includes artificial eye, lids, lashes and skin. The indication of orbital prosthesis is orbital exenteration due to cancer. They can construct acrylic or silicon rubber & are positioned by adhesives or by attachment to spectacles (spectacle prosthesis).